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  • Today, 23 Nov. 2008 was my sister Carolyn (Sweden) birthday. Would like to wish her HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND MAY GOD BLESS U and family...have a great birthday and heres durian cake for you... remind me to buy u one when u all back here next month k...
  • This week showed the last episode of CSI- Miami S.6 and The Amazing Race Asia 3.
  • CSI-Miami Season 6 ended with Lt. Horatio Caine shot at the airfield while waiting for his x-wife. Who did this to him? what would happen to him next? will he survive the gunshot? lets wait and see on the next season which will be out donno when... hah i cant wait to see what happen... will try to search torrent for the latest season then...
  • The Amazing Race Asia 3- after traveling to seven countries and making their way across 11 cities and covering 21,600km, Sam and Vince are the new winners for The Amazing Race Asia Season 3. Congratulation to the Hong Kong (Sam & Vince) Team. Lucky its not the Philipine (Geoff & Tisha) Team but to bad our Malaysian (Ida Narina & Tania) team only manage to get to the finish line on the third (Congrats anyway for your racing spirit).

TARA 3 Winners - Congrats (wat a race)

2nd Place - The worst racer of all
3rd Place (go go mums team) - our Malaysian favourite team

  • Kebanyakkan rakyat Sabah tidak kira kaum sudah lupa dan ada yang tidak tahu akan perjanjian 20-perkara North Borneo a.k.a Sabah dalam pembentukan Malaysia pada 16 September 1963.
  • Jika kita lihat dan kaji perjanjian 20-perkara ini memang amat ketara kita telah dipermainkan oleh Semenanjung Malaysia yang akan sudah lupa atau tidak kisah mengenai perjanjian ini.
  • Apa yang termaktub dalam perjanjian ini telah dipesongkan supaya rakyat Sabah tidak mengetahui dan keliru akan perjanjian ini dan tidak menuntut hak yang sepatutnya.
  • Rakyat Sabah terutama orang-orang mudah harus diberitahu dan diingatkan mengenai perjanjian ini.
  • Kita lihat apa yang dilakukan oleh orang-orang yang tidak bertanggungjawab yang cuba untuk menutup dan melupuskan perjanjian ini. Kita lihat saja buku sejarah yang kita belajar di sekolah tidak menyentuh satupun mengenai perjanjian 20-perkara ini. lebih dititik beratkan mengenai Sejarah kemerdekaan Malaysia pada 31 Ogos 1959 tetapi langsung tidak melaporkan tentang pembentukan Malaysia antara Tanah Melayu, Singapura, Sabah dan Sarawak dan perjanjian-perjanjian yang termaktub pada masa itu.
  • Kenapa ini berlaku? itu adalah sejarah penting tetapi cuba dikaburi dan ditutupi oleh pihak yang tidak bertanggungjawab supaya orang-orang Sabah dan Sarawak lupa dan tidak tahu akan kewujudan perjanjian tersebut terutama kepada generasi-generasi mudah.
  • Bayangkan jika semua orang berdiam, biarkan sejarah tersebut hilang begitu saja, orang-orang tua kita tidak bercerita dengan kita tentang sejarah dan perjanjian-perjanjian tersbut maka hak-hak dan keistimewaan kita semakin lama semakin hilang dan kita akan senantiasa dikuasai oleh semenanjung Malaysia seperti apa yang berlaku hari ini.
  • Cuba bayangkan hari ini jika hak-hak keistimewaan kita seperti yang termaktub dalam perjanjian 20-perkara tersebut masih dipakai, kita bukanlah antara negeri termiskin di Malaysia. Bayangkan peluang pekerjaan di negeri ini semua diberi keutamaan kepada penduduk/ rakyat Sabah dan tahap pengangguran di negeri ini semestinya kecil dan mungkin kosong. Anak-anak Sabah tidak lagi ditipu kerja di luar negeri dan berakhir dengan pelacuran dan kerja-kerja haram. Anak-anak Sabah yang pintar mendapat pendidikan dengan pemberian biasiswa belajar ke luar negara.
  • Tetapi apa yang kita impikan tidak berlaku disebabkan kita telah dimanipulasi kan oleh pihak yang tidak bertanggungjawab dan kita telah di-ambil hak dan keistimewaan kita dan yang paling teruk walaupun kita tahu akan apa yang berlaku ini kita masih lagi berdiam diri dan biarkan ia berlaku.
  • Mungkin kita salahkan ahli politik kita, wakil-wakil rakyat kita tetapi yang patut kita salahkan adalah diri kita terlebih dahulu sebab kebenarannya kita mempunyai hak untuk memilih supaya hak-hak dan keistimewaan kita dapat dikembalikan tetapi kita lihat apa yang kita pilih hari ini... fikirkanlah.
  • Walaupun begitu kita masih boleh kembalikan hak-hak tersebut sebab perjanjian 20-perkara masih wujud cuma diketepikan oleh orang-orang tertentu supaya kita boleh dimanipulasikan. Kita sebagai rakyat mempunyai hak untuk bersuara dan saya percaya we can change and let we change.
  • Generasi muda masa kini mempunyai suara yang paling kuat dan kita lihat seperti pemilihan presiden U.S baru-baru ini. President Amerika berkulit hitam pertama dalam sejarah. Semua ini adalah hasil daripada suara orang-orang mudah dan orang yang percaya akan adanya perubahan.
  • Apa yang boleh kita lakukan pada masa sekarang? kita sepatutnya spread the truth dan beritahu semua orang (rakyat Sabah) akan kebenaran dengan perjanjian 20-perkara ini. Semua kita perlu tahu apa isi kandungan perjanjian tersebut dan bagaimana dan apa hak-hak yang kita sepatutnya ada pada masa kini.
  • Apa itu perjanjian 20-perkara? mungkin terlalu panjang jika saya masukkan dalam post kali ini, saya akan masukkan dalam post akan datang dan buat sementara waktu boleh dilayari di sini http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/20-point_agreement_(Sabah)
  • Untill my next post... chiow....

AirAsiA AirPlaNe TuRN BLue...  

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Today i got job to do in Sandakan so as usual i take the earliest flight to Sandakan at 7.30am. Nothing much to do in Sandakan so i finish my work early this time at 11am. U know what... Sandakan was not a place when u travel much by taxi as its pretty hard to get taxi especially when u r not in the sightseeing area. Its totally different with Tawau where u can get taxi in just a few minutes no matter where your location is. of course Tawau has the highest number of Taxi in Sabah after Kota Kinabalu. Compare to the size of Kota Kinabalu... Tawau town was not that big so u spotted taxi very frequent compare to any other town in Sabah and its really help especially to us who ride taxi almost all the time when we goin outstation...nice!!!

So back to my story today... i manage to catch the 2pm flight back to Kota Kinabalu via Malaysia Airlines... on the same time there is AirAsia Flight back to Kota Kinabalu as well... but when the AirAsia plane landed at Sandakan airport that time... surprisingly the color was not as what I use to see and which have already become a trademark color for AirAsia that is Red and White color... what happen!!! AirAsia turning blue and white... it looks funny and doesnt look AirAsia at all... ehehe maybe its because this is the first time i saw AirAsia change color and its look weird... emh whatever lar AirAsia... cos whatever u do u still become the preferable Airlines among Malaysian to travel i think... so here u go the new and rare AirAsia Airplanes bodypaint color... The Bluessss AirAsia.... :-)

Please lar AirAsia... frankly to say... ur newly body paint sucks!!!
(sorry photo not that clear - pic taken when im on board MAS planes)

TaKe ExTrA PrE-CaUtioN WhEN U ParKeD uR CaR...  

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Nowadays... we heard many news on car gone missing while parking at deserted area... recently, its yesterday i received sms from my friend asking help on finding friend of friend's car gone missing when she parked the car outside CMI church on Sunday morning... the SMS sound as follow...

Pls help pass msg. This is 2day Sunday. Thnx. "Hi John, Top urgent my car SA2928B Waja Silver hilang after church CMI, Bukit Padang just now, 10.30am. Pls ask yr radio friends to help. Tks Clarice Ligadu 0128032995"
I dont know the lady but i think she might need ur help if u noted the car somewhere... but please take this on without prejudice because on the same time i donno the genuinity of this msg... just in case and a reminder for all of us...

The WorSt DAy Of My LiFE...  

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Continue on my last update... it is now time to share with all of my friends n blogger out there what actually happen to be my biggest nightmare...

After 2 days lingering on my problem... at last i can start to sleep well and let the rectification process work for itself... what happen hah??? here u go...

Actually my car was knocked by my neighbour's (Crazy neighbour i can say) car who is still intoxicated when he did the crime... this is how the story start... in the morning of 6Nov08 about 2 o'clock in the morning... as usual around this time i am already on my bed... sleeping...that is when i was awaken by my brother stress call and bangging on my bedroom door... he was telling me better i go down n look what happen to my car... i know it must be something very bad n i have to prepare on every circumstances... when i step outside my house i saw 1 car overturned on the centre of the road and my car was already in a different position from which i last parked the car that evening... with mix feeling i walk near my car and carefully watch my ill fated car without even care how is the life of the driver whose car overturned (dont give a damn care since what he had done to my car)... feel very disapointed, mad, frustated and unbelievable i just keep calm and wanna to settle the problem in the soonest possible... soon after the driver who was drunk walk near me and say sorry for the damage... seeing him in that situation i just accept his apology and still cannot believe on what happening... more and more neighbours start to gathered at the scene to witness the rare accident that happen in the housing area... the worst... i was informed that the neighbour's car road tax was just expired last month... my heart like stopping after get to know that... i call up the police traffic and its take about 2 hours before the police arrive (the attitude of our police that is arriving late)... before the police arrive a group of the neighbour's friend came and trying to talk to me on settling the thing outside... when the police arrived... i let the police do the jod taking what necessary... but hearing the plead from the neighbour with the interupting of his gangster *%^&$ friends... i considering to settle the things outside and the police was left the scene soon after... i donnot know whether what i did is right or wrong but my main intention just to settle the problem as soon as possible... my car was towed to the workshop on the afternoon of the same day and now still in the process of claiming the insurance... what i can do now is just praying to God that everything going smoothly without any problem ahead and i just want my car to be repair before next month the month of December...

Here some of the photos taken that night...

My BiGGeST NiGhTmARe!!!  

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I dont know where to start as i am in a shock of this morning accident... for readers/ bloggers out there... wanna know what happen this morning??? i will update my blog when im ready okay.... stay tune...