I Am BacK... 2009  

Posted by DJBen

Hai guys, after couple of months on hibernated, now im happily to declare that i'll re-start my blog again... nah actually im kinda busy last few months... busy of what? well u know few months back many celebration, parties, festives and so on... but the best part is spending more time with my nephew from Sweden... seriouly most of the time spend for him...ehehe well its only will happen once every two years though... As plan, my sister and family will only be back to kk once every two years so that will be the only time we spend together... and somemore they only be here for 2 months... so usually i'll do my part to spend time with them... drive them over and play with the kid... okay continue to talk about my schedule for the last few months untill i put on hold for my post to my blog were many... let me start with the last posted i made... its Christmas time... so as usual when Christmas come... there must be a party... go to church and many more... after Christmas there is more bigger event for my family... its my elder brother Marriage... they joined in matrimony at Sacred Heart Cathedral on the 26 December 2008... and thereafter wedding reception at one of the seafood restaurant in KK... and held another reception for bride side at Kg. Tudan, Ranau on 28 Dec. 2008. Man that was far and the road was sucks (sorry sis in-law) ehehe... to be truth that is the most rural place i ever drive with that condition of gravel road but it was a good experience for me and whoever join us that time... btw it bring back good memory for us as the kampung scenery was beautiful and virgin... somemore it was cold in the morning... so we went back on the 29/12/08 to KK and need to get rest for 2 consecutive days inorder to regain the energy for the long journey we had... what an experience...ehehe So on the 31/12/08 just having a small party for New Year celebration and to welcome home the newly married couple back home to our house... so traditionally... tapai was serve (again)... ehehe

New Year 2009... what on new year 2009? well on the 2nd January 09 i start my work after long leave... Just imagine i take leave almost 3 weeks for year end program... thats not funny cause when on the 1st day i start work... my files (new and pending files) piles up to be taller than me (while sitting)... wtf thats a lot of work to be catch up that time... i take bout 1 week before i can catch up my work and do work as usual... crazy... but still i have time for my nephew to play with...ehehe but the good thing on the early 2009... my car was returned to me in an ok condition from the workshop after pushing them hard to repair my car (recall- my car knock by neighbour's car on Nov.08)... so a yey for me cos i can start my day life as usual with my blue gen2.... ehehhe

On the 5th Jan 09- my nephew Ryan Norsater was baptized by Fr. Fundes at Stella Maris Parish Tanjung Aru... I become the God Father for Ryan... so welcome to the world of Christian Ryan (my naughty and köka nephew)...eheheh

This year Chinese New Year was on 26 & 27 January... i took another work leave for CNY 09 celebration... we went back Tenom on the 25th untill the third day of Chinese new year... family gathering for my father side in the occasion of CNY... it so fun and was held in every chinese new year... family members will be back to Kampung and we gather together... play... drinks... eat... have fun together... We as the younger generation hope that the balik kampung tradition will not end and dissapear in the future as which that particular time can tighter the bond among our family members generally... We had come up with a name for our Chong Family on the few years back CNY gathering with CTFC or Chong Teck Family Club... but have yet fully established so we'll see... in few years maybe it will be established enough among our family... eheheh

So after CNY on the way back KK we stop by another relative wedding in Tambunan and on the same time we also take the opportunity to stop by TVRC to food the not ordinary size of pond fish there... Ryan was so happy playing with the fish... new experience for him i guess...

My Sister and family flown back to Sweden on the 04 February 2009 which they transit in KL for 3 days before fly to Sweden on the 06/02/09... so on the the 07/02/09 we check them on the internet messenger which they had safely arrived the same day and my sister complaint on Ryan always crying missing us here... so we set up the webcam for him to see us... Actually we also expecially my parents miss him alot... well we still chatting everynite through skype... ehehe

So after everything... well i still need to re-catch up my work after not concentrating for the last 2 months... untill today then im feel that im free and its time to post my blog...

Well today is a Valentine's day.... maybe everyone was busy on date... but that is only for whom who had partner... so u are seeing me posted my long story blog today... meaning to say im not busy with valentine's day thingy and that means i dont have any partner to date with today... to bad... so who wanna be my partner tonite??? ekekek im still searching for one... hope next year im not posting anything this long story in my blog which would mean that im as busy as others go out dating... uhuhuhu So whoever celebrate it... Wish u HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY... dont forget to wear anything necessary when u do your parts (precautions is better than cure).... ekeke

Okay guys... that all for the restart... see u again in my next post... chiow... lets look at the photos below for my program the last 2 months...

Kampung style food for my sister n family farewell party cum CNY 09

Farewell party

Ryan with mummy and aunts

Ryan with Q.Q

Fish at TVRC

Angpau time

Ryan with gung gung and nainai

CNY gambling time

CNY09 eve... food time

Fourth Generation with red attire

Family group photo with our ancient old mansion

Ryan in action

Angpau time for Ryan and me...ehehhe

Wedding reception at Bride's house

With mabuk face

Road to Tudan

Wedding reception at Resturant

Wedding group photo

Congrats bro... Family wedding potrait...