Welcome Home Carolyn, Martin and Ryan!!!  

Posted by DJBen

Yesterday 07.12.08 my sister(Carol) from Sweden together with family finally arrived KK after14 hours flying... Wish them Selamat Pulang/Welcome Home... This is the first time i met my nephew Ryan the kuai2 boy... Actually my sister and family want to surprise us one family on their arrival cos they dont even tell us went is their flight or arrival from Sweden and telling us that it was on 12 Dec. 08. But as usual my mom got many intelligent (CIA..ehehe) that she can contact for her to know went is the exact arrival date of them... So yesterday instead of my sister giving surprise to us, they are the one that get surprise from us as when they walk out from the arrival hall... they especially carol surprisingly saw my mom holding flower and shin chan waiting outside for them... here some of the moment captured yesterday...

Surprise!!! Welcome back...

Ryan with his mami

Ryan with mormor (grandma)

Little uncle Adriel with Little Ryan

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